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Kerin M. Claeson, Ph.D.

kerin claeson

About me

The short version is, I grew up on Long Island, New York and stayed for college. I never knew what graduate school was until a professor in Earth Sciences at Stony Brook noticed how question-driven I was. Then he told me "You have the bug and you are going to graduate school." What's that?! Thus started my interdisciplinary pursuit of more information... I grew in side-by-side anatomical and earth sciences programs to become a paleontologist with degrees in Geology and Organismic & Evolutionary Biology. Later I pursued a post-doc where I was given the chance to teach anatomy in addition to conducting my research. That lead to my job as an assistant professor (now Full Professor) of anatomy at a medical school. This has been a wildly fulfilling path, with opportunities to lead transitions in Graduate Education and Medical Education. It was all possible because of integral advocacy and mentorship I received. I find great reward to be the advocate and mentor for new generations of students, junior faculty, and seasoned professional who have places to go. See my snapshot of affiliations below. 

Current affiiations




Previous affiliations


Instructor of Anatomical Sciences, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. September 2010 - June 2012


Postdoctoral Researcher, Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies. April 2010 - June 2012


Ph.D. Geological Sciences. Specialty Vertebrate Paleontology. The University of Texas at Austin. May 22, 2010


Scientific Fellow, Museum für Naturkunde der Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin, 2008


M.S. Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. May 21, 2005


B.S. Geology, Stony Brook University, New York. December 16, 2001

  • Director of Policy & Metrics, Medical Education Center of Excellence

  • Full Professor of Anatomy,
    Dept. of
    Bio-Medical Sciences

  • Research Associate,
    The Academy of Natural Sciences,  of Drexel University

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